5 Easy Online Jobs for College Students

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6 Easy Online Jobs for College Students

College students are always looking for ways to make some extra cash. With so many distractions on campus, there’s a lot of competition for the jobs that don’t require time away from studies.

Fortunately, with 5 Online Jobs for College Students, you can find five opportunities to work remotely and still make money while balancing your schoolwork!

Write blog posts

You may be surprised how much bloggers need help creating content – they’re not just sitting around waiting for their blogs to magically come alive with visitors!

Blogs require a lot of content to be published consistently, whether that’s in the form of articles and blog posts, or even in the form of interaction with readers on social media.

To land these jobs as content creators, there are a few different ways you can approach it:

You can apply directly to a company or blog that will be hiring for this position (such as Refinery29, Buzzfeed and HuffPost) by searching the job listings on their website. Often times these companies have multiple openings open at any given time so it’s worth checking out all of them before applying! Make sure you tailor your application to the website you’re applying to.

You can find personal blogs through Pinterest or Instagram and contact them directly using the details on their website. Offer to write a test article and if they like it, they will hire you as a freelance writer at your chosen rate.

You can list your services on freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. These websites are great because they allow you to list your skills, portfolio of work and pricing.

You can also create your own blog or website from scratch. This takes a little more initial effort and will take some time to get going, however, it’s worth doing! You can make money on your own website by selling products or services, requesting donations from readers and advertising.

Creating an online store

This option is great if you love the thought of interacting with customers and help solve their problems.

You can either sell physical products, or digital products such as ebooks, courses or digital downloads.

Selling physical products is great because you can create your own inventory, decide the price and have control over everything. The downside of this option however are all those logistics involved with shipping items to customers’ homes or businesses!

You can list your products and designs on websites like Amazon, Etsy or Redbubble. Or you can create your very own website and sell to customers directly.

The key is finding a market that is hungry for your product!

Teaching English as a second language (TEFL)

This is a great side hustle if you have a few free hours per week to spend helping people learn English as a second language.

After you’ve completed training to become a teacher, you can apply to various websites that will connect you with students who are willing to pay to learn.

Many will allow you to set a custom hourly rate for your time.

Some websites to check out are Preply, iTutor and Teachaway.

Tutoring other students

This is the most obvious on the list, and a great way to get into helping people.

Matching students with tutors is big business, so you’ll find many sites that will connect individuals who need help in certain subjects to teachers like yourself, similar to the TEFL job websites.

It’s great if you can find students in lower grades to help pass exams that you’ve already passed.

You can charge an hourly rate to local students that you teach, or sign up websites that allow you to teach students from anywhere in the nation.

Becoming a virtual assistant (VA)

This side-hustle has become more popular and in-demand as many people have started to grow their own online businesses.

Business owners often need help with admin tasks such as emails, online tasks like social media management or graphic design. This allows them to focus on other things that are more important in their business.

It is also an excellent way for a college student to build up experience with various administrative tasks that will be helpful when applying or interviewing after graduation!

These online jobs provide flexible hours and make great money, while still going back home every day without having the stress of long work days at any one job

In this job you’ll be working remotely and are often required to have a good understanding of various business software programs (MS Office, Google sheets, etc).

You can apply on various sites such as Fiverr and Upwork, as well as specific VA-hiring marketplaces such as Woodbows, MyOutDesk and Virtual Staff Finder.

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